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JWT grant

This page summarizes the protocol options availalbe for on JWT grants on the /token endpoint for Maskinporten


The JWT grant is a request sent by the client towards Maskinporten, in order to obtain an access_token. Both the grant and the access_token looks similar and share some of the same claims, as they as JWT structures, however they must not be mixed up.

JWT grants are documented in RFC7523.



Claim Cardinality Description
alg required RS256, RS384 and RS512 are supported by Maskinporten.
x5c optional The business certificate/eseal (virksomhetssertifikat) of the organization. Full certificate chain, see RFC7517 chapter 4.7.
kid optional Key identifier to a previously registered certificate / asymmetric key bound to the client.

Either ‘kid’ or ‘x5c’ must be present. ‘kid’ can and must be used by clients having a pre-registered certificate / asymmetric key.

Note that production certificates are not supported in test environments.



Claim Cardinality Description
aud Required The intended target for this JWT grant, ie. the identifier for Maskinporten. The value in production is https://maskinporten.no/
iss Required issuer - Your client ID
iat Required issued at - Timestamp when generating this jwt. NOTE: UTC-time. To allow for clock skew and network delays, Maskinporten will only accept grants where iat is less than 10 seconds ahead/after our clock.
exp Required expiration time - Timestamp for the expiry of this jwt, in UTC-time. NOTE: Maximum 120 seconds allowed. (exp - iat <= 120 )
jti Recommended JWT ID - unique id for this jwt. NOTE: A JWT cannot be reused.
scope Required Whitepace-separated liste over scopes requested. When using JWT grants, the client must have pre-registered with rights to all the scopes (unless using delegation in Altinn, see below.)
resource optional The target API that the client intends to use the token. Only used by some APIs, and the actual value to use must be obtained from the API owner. Please see audience-restriction for details. Currently only array supported.
pid optional The target end-user that the client intends to do subsequent API-calls on. This claim might be required by some APIs. Please see enduser-restriced tokens)

If the client belongs to a supplier requesting a token on behalf of another organization (legal consumer), there are two mutually exclusive claims available:

Claim Cardinality Description
consumer_org Optional String value carrying the Norwegian organization number of the legal consumer the client wants to get a token for. Maskinporten will validate against Altinn that the consumer-supplier delegation exists.
iss_onbehalfof Optional Maskinporten proprietary claim. The onbehalfof-value for the sub-client the client is acting onbehalf of. (See onbehalfof)

Example JWT grant

The final JWT may look like this:

  "x5c": [ "MIIFETCCA/mgAwIB``````EefETzAxjqBHM=" ],
  "alg": "RS256"
  "aud": "https://test.maskinporten.no/",
  "scope": "difitest:test2",
  "iss": "my_client_id",
  "exp": 1520589928,
  "iat": 1520589808,
  "jti": "415ec7ac-33eb-4ce3-bc86-6ad40e29768f"

Example JWT grant when using delegation

If the client rely on delegation of scope access in Altinn, the client needs to include the consumer_org-claim in the grant:

  "aud" : "https://test.maskinporten.no/",
  "scope" : "difitest:test2",
  "iss" : "my_client_id",
  "exp" : 1584693557,
  "iat" : 1584693437,
  "jti" : "eb6ab01e-5834-4ba0-a2a1-457bfd0f0a49",
  "consumer_org" : "910753614"