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/userinfo endpoint

This page summarizes the protocol options availalbe for on the /userinfo endpoint for ID-porten OIDC Provider


The /userinfo endpoint is thoroughly documented in OIDC Core specification, chapter 5.3

Note that ID-porten does not contain any useful additional information about the user beyond the pid (national id number) which is already included in the id_token.


All clients can request the profile scope and will get an access_token that can be used to gain additional user information.

URL: https://<<miljø>>/idporten-oidc-provider/userinfo

The following header parameters apply:

Parameter Calue
Http method: GET
Authorization: Bearer < access_token >


The response is a JSON structure with claims:

Claim Description
sub “subject identifier” - an unique identifier for the authenticated user. The value is pairwise, meaning a given client will always get the same value, whilst different clients do not get equal values for the same user.
pid Norwegian national id number - always present unless the ‘no_pid’ scope was request / pre-registered on the client
locale The language used during authentication
  "sub" : "NR8vTTPrM3T7rWf8dXxeWLZpxEMsug4E7pxqJuh9wIM=",
  "pid" : "23079421936",
  "locale" : "nb"